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Pet Portrait Fundraiser

What's weird is that I can see a commercial with starving children in a third word country and be completely fine. But every time one of those sad dog commercials come on TV, I will run as fast as I can to change the channel. It tears me up to see animals that are neglected, scared or abused. I just wish that I could love on every single one of them! But since that's impossible, I decided to do the next best thing and figure out how I could use my artistic talent to help raise money for local animal charities. That's how I came up with the idea of donating 10% of each pet portrait sale to the animal charity of my customers' choice.

About a month ago, I came across the "Pour for Paws" fundraiser benefitting the Humane Society of Forsyth County, a local no kill shelter here in Cumming, Georgia. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to donate money to a great a cause AND get the word out about my own pet portrait fundraiser. I immediately contacted the shelter told them about an idea I had for the event.

So, the idea? I asked them for a photo of the dog that was having the hardest time getting adopted. I was soon introduced to Leo who is a Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix that's been at the shelter since February. The poor guy has a little vision problem and needs some obedience training...but those beautiful blue eyes!! He served as my model for the sample pet portrait that was on hand during the Pour for Paws silent auction. The winner of the auction would receive their own custom portrait and Leo's future family will get his for free. I was over the moon when I saw that my pet portrait had raised $150 by the end of the night! Oh, and the auction winner has the CUTEST dog that I can't wait to paint! Now, the only thing left is to help Leo find his new home. Here's the link if you'd like more info on this handsome fella!

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