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Enchanted: Under the Spell of Spring

Enchanted: 1) placed under a spell; bewitched. 2) filled with delight; charmed.

Have you noticed that the moment we can't have something is when we tend to miss it the most? Take for example the winter season and how it momentarily suppresses life; cold temperatures drive animals to hibernate or migrate and wipes away plant life. It's only after a few months of "deadness" that I truly appreciate the liveliness that I took for granted. I think that's why spring is my favorite season because I feel a deep appreciation for the energy that I missed and catch myself mesmerized as life re-emerges.

I chose to title this collection "Enchanted" because that word perfectly embodies how I feel about this time of year. My goal was to paint the aspects of spring that bring me true delight - the warmth of the sun, flowers in bloom, songs of the birds filling the air, and the vibrant colors that return to our landscapes. I've captured this season on canvas so that you can revel in its magic all year long.

Here is a sneak peek at a few larger pieces from the collection. These and more will be available to purchase starting April 21st at

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