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What's so special about original art? Well, it starts with the desire to tell a story that words can't always express. When a piece of art is born from intention and purpose, it’s impossible not to feel that undeniable energy that reaches out for human connection. That energy continues to live on in the piece long after it's left the artist's studio. Once it settles in its new home, that energy not only elevates its surroundings but also serves by lifting up the souls who get to enjoy it every day. That's why I paint; to tell stories, connect with others and elevate their homes in a very unique way.

A self-taught artist, I began painting at 16 and have dedicated the last 11 years to honing my artistic process. I'm also proud that I participated in my first artist residency in 2019 when I ventured to Noyers Sur Serein, France. Although brushwork is common in my pieces, a palette knife is my favorite tool because I love creating texture and unique blends of colors. My favorite subjects include elegant abstracts, soft feminine florals, inviting landscapes and charming gift pieces for a special occasion. Or, let's chat about creating a custom piece just for you.

My work can be found in private art collections across the country. If you're local to the Atlanta area then you can find my work at juried festivals and art shows so check my event schedule to see where I'll be next. You can also shop here in my online gallery. Reach out if you have any questions.

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