Title: Pink Dogwood 1

Medium: acrylic, oil and inktense pencil on canvas
Size: 4 x 4


I created this piece on a canvas block measuring 4 x 4. The texturized background was created using acrylic,  with the flower painted in buttery oil. Inktense pencil marks add delicate detail. This painting will easily stand on its own for fun display on a counter, desk, or shelf. I've initialed this piece on the front and signed my full signature on the back.


I especially wanted to include dogwoods in this Easter collection because of their symbolism to the resurrection of Jesus. The four petals form a cross. Each petal has a slight indention and pink tinge to symbolize the nails and blood spilled during the crucifixion. In the middle is a green cluster to symbolize the crown of thorns. 


This piece makes the perfect Easter basket stuffer or something special to remind you of God's love all year long.


Pink Dogwood 1