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Title: Running of the Bulls 3

Size: 4 x 6 in a heavy acrylic 5 x 7 magnetic frame

Medium: Acrylic on cold pressed paper


This leg of the "Passport to Party" series takes us to Pamplona, Spain for the annual "Running of the Bulls." You need nerves of steel to party here! The traditional red scarves worn around the waist of the runners served as the focal color for these while the earthtones of the town and dark gray of the bulls serve to compliment.  


Each piece is titled and signed on the back.


“Passport to Party” is a new series that explores celebrations and good times at four locations around the globe through abstract art. This is also my first "mini series" of 2019 - the first of several series each comprised of several small pieces of art. Each series will also become a fundraiser with a percentage of sales going to a designated charity. The Humane Society of Forsyth County (a no kill shelter) will be the beneficiary of this release.

Passport to Party: Running of the Bulls 3