Medium: acrylic and pastel
Size: 16 x 16


I created this original on 16 x 16 cradled wood panel. It features vibrant colors and heavy textures and comes wired and ready to hang. Take a look at the close-up photos to see more details.


This piece is part of the "Under the Influence" collection. This collection celebrates memorable cocktail moments or seasons of life. Here's the story:


When I was a college student at UGA, my bestie and I always looked forward to 3:30 on Fridays. Why? Because that's when happy hour started at the Uptown Lounge. There was nothing "uptown" about it my friends...$3 strawberry margaritas in giant plastic's a miracle we're still alive. Sometimes she would pick me up from class and then some days we would take the bus to the Arch and walk over to Washington Street. Quite often we were the first ones there and would save a couple of tables for our friends. Oh, those were the days! This piece celebrates the carefree college years before life got overly complicated.

Happy Hour at the Uptown Lounge