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Title: Happy Day Bouquet

Medium: acrylic, ink, and oil on canvas
Size: 8 x 8


I created this piece on a canvas block measuring 8x8. The abstract background was created using acrylic, acrylic ink, and inktense pencil with the bouquet painted in buttery oil. This painting will easily stand on its own for fun display on a counter or desk. The sides of the canvas are also painted with a bracket installed on the back so that you have the option to hang as well.


This painting is part of the Bloom Collection. This collection is all about making the most of your circumstances and growing and shining despite the circumstances. I've made the most of my downtime by exploring new mediums like oils, pastels, pencil, and fluid acrylics. Bloom is a culmination of these techniques into a new style that blends abstract with realistic touches. But most importantly, it's a reminder to look for beauty even when chaos surrounds you.


Happy Day -8x8

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