Title: Halley's Comet

Size: 11 x 14

Medium: Acrylic on canvas


I'm excited to share the next piece from my Storyteller series! This one is called Halley's Comet and it takes us all the way back to 1986. My dad had been talking up this thing from outer space called "Halley's Comet" and 6 yr. old Katie was dying to see it. I remember going down to the Macon Coliseum and standing in line for what seemed like hours. It was waaaay past my bedtime before we made it over to the Ocmulgee National Monument where they had telescopes set up to view it.

Finally - it was my turn to see the wounderous Halley's comet! I get up to the telescope and all I can see is this green, fuzzy dot. Yep, 6 yr old Katie up waaaaay past her bedtime started crying from utter disappointment. But, there was a man that took pity on me. He motioned me over and said, "Want to take a look at this?” I looked through his telescope and saw the most beautiful thing - Saturn with all of its rings full of brilliant colors. I was mesmerized. Sometimes the unexpected things are the most rewarding.

Halley's comet comes around once every 75 years, making it possible to see twice in a human lifetime. It's next appearance will be in 2061, and you can bet 81 year old Katie will be in line to see it (if she's physically able.) And you can bet she’ll be up waaaay past her bedtime and even crankier than before.


About the Storyteller Series:

Have you ever thought about your life as a unique piece of art? We all come from different backgrounds, have different experiences and make different decisions – each of these layers creating the life that only we can live. I’m celebrating my 40th birthday which has caused me to reminisce on some of my favorite memories. And, I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate than by turning these memories into a series of abstract paintings titled, “Storyteller.” This series is 50% art and 50% story.

Halley's Comet