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Title: Flowers in her Hair 1

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 10 x 10 + frame


This original painting titled "Flowers in her Hair" presents florals in a different way - as a headpiece for a lovely lady. I left the face abstract since I wanted to flowers to be the focal point and I wanted one to imagine the lady as anyone they may know or even picture themselves in a particular moment of beauty. 


I created this piece using an impasto painting method, where I applied thickened acrylic paints on the canvas with palette knives. I love the unique blends of colors and texture created by this technique. I then used a brush to clean up the edges and add a few details. Finally, I sealed the painting with a high gloss varnish that adds extra highlights to the painting's texture.


I painted this on 10 x 10 canvas and it comes in a simple wooden floater frame, ready to hang. 



Flowers in her Hair 1

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