Title: Fancy

Size: 24 x 18

Medium: Acrylic on canvas


"Fancy" is all about special childhood friends who become lifelong friends. When I was in elementary school I was lucky to have a group of best girlfriends and we did everything together, including our epic slumber parties (at least for 10 yr. old girl standards)


Our favorite slumber party activities included jamming to NKOTB and choreographing dances to our favorite songs. One particular performance still lives on...\"Fancy\" by Reba McEntire. Why 10 year olds were dancing to a song about a prostitute, I'm still not sure, but my friend @hwbluesky and I had a blast performing it. Heather played the part of "Fancy" and I played the part of "Mama." If you're familiar with the song, Mama dies in the first chorus, so I basically laid on the floor for most of the song. But then I would pop up and sing, "Here's your one chance Fancy don't let me down!" and then fall back on the floor dead 😂 All of our friends still talk about it til this day.


About the Storyteller Series:

Have you ever thought about your life as a unique piece of art? We all come from different backgrounds, have different experiences and make different decisions – each of these layers creating the life that only we can live. I’m celebrating my 40th birthday which has caused me to reminisce on some of my favorite memories. And, I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate than by turning these memories into a series of abstract paintings titled, “Storyteller.” This series is 50% art and 50% story.



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