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Medium: acrylic and pastel
Size: 24 x 20


I created this original on 24 x 20 gallery stretched canvas. It features vibrant colors and heavy textures. It's wired and ready to hang.


This piece is part of the "Under the Influence" collection. This collection celebrates memorable cocktail moments or seasons of life. Here's the story:


Let’s quickly set the stage – it’s my 28th birthday and I had only been dating my now husband for a few weeks. He took me out to a nice dinner and then to a martini bar in Buckhead. Since I was in dessert mode I ordered a chocolate martini. Just as we were about to leave, we see this entourage of very tall, well-dressed men make their way to the back bar. That’s when I first discovered my husband’s super power – spotting celebrities. He whispered in my ear, “That’s Charles Barkley.”


I watched Charles Barkley go behind the bar and start making drinks for everyone. Not one to miss an opportunity I said, “I’m going to talk to him. Hold this.” I made my way over, introduced myself (mentioned the birthday) and he asked me what I wanted to drink. “Chocolate martini please.” He made me one and chatted with me for a few more minutes. Then I look over at Jason now standing at the opposite end of the bar holding his drink and mine. Feeling bad, I thanked Charles for the drink and went back to Jason. A few minutes later, Charles walked past us, looked at Jason, looked at him with my first chocolate martini and said, “You ain’t drinking that chocolate shit are ya?”


“Chocolate Martini’s with Charles” is about epic moments you tell over and over again for life. This piece is 24x20 and will go live at 11 am Friday as part of the “Under the Influence” collection.

Chocolate Martinis with Charles

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