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  • When: Sat. July 20th; 11am - 3:30(ish) pm
  • Where: Katie Phillips's home studio; Niblick Drive Alpharetta, GA
  • Note: Address will be given after your registration is confirmed.  


I'll admit that when I first started painting I hated abstracts. I thought they were easy and anyone could do it. Then one day I sat down and tried it for myself - and boy did I have a big hot mess on my hands. Not only did I realize it takes a great deal of skill, abstracts also follow many of the same rules of traditional painting. Fast-forward many years later and abstract painting is now one of my favorite things to do. I love it because I can tap into a different part of my brain, allowing me to paint things that can't be seen with the eye like capturing a strong emotion or breathing life to a belief or concept. 


I invite you to join me for a workshop where I'll show you a couple of approaches I use for abstract painting with acrylics. Before we jump into the methods, we will also discuss what makes a good abstract painting and review the elements of art and basic rules of composition. This will be an entry-level class where a beginning student will feel comfortable but will also be fun for more experienced painters.


Here's a brief overview of what to expect:

  • Introductions 
  • Creative "round robin" exercise to get the juices flowing
  • Discussion on what makes a successful abstract painting
    • Review the fundamentals of art including a brief discussion of color theory and rules of composition
  • Creating abstract from realism
  • Creating abstract from intuition
  • Getting down to business - create your masterpiece from the previous exercises


What to bring:

  • 1 - 16x20 canvas
  • 1 - 11x14 canvas
  • Any favorite paints (although I'll provide paint)
  • Any favorite brushes (although I'll provide brushes)
  • Photos/screenshots of landscapes, gardens, rooms, favorite scenes, etc.
  • Photo/screenshots of abstract paintings that you love
  • Snacks/sack lunch and drinks (wine is ok!). You can use my fridge.


The class is limited to 6 students. If we reach capacity and you have an interest, please email me and I'll add you to the waiting list. I'll also open up a 2nd date in the fall depending on interest. Also, please reach out if you have any questions regarding any of the above via email:


Workshop: Abstract Expressions

  • Need to cancel? Full refunds will be given up until 2 weeks (Sat. July 6th) ahead of the event. If you need to cancel after July 6th then you can transfer your seat to someone else or use your credit for a future class. A refund can't be guaranteed unless the seat can be filled off the wait list.

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