Medium: acrylic and pastel
Size: 24 x 36


I created this original on 24 x 36 gallery stretched canvas. It features vibrant colors and heavy textures. It's wired and ready to hang.


This piece is part of the "Under the Influence" collection. This collection celebrates memorable cocktail moments or seasons of life. Here's the story:


In 2010 I had a work trip to San Fran. I decided to go a few days early to check off a buck list item - wine tasting in Napa. My SIL Julie came with me and we had a glorious day literally prancing through the vines and making ALL kinds of friends. That day I tried one of the most incredible bottles of Zin...I didn't even blink at the $50+ price tag. As our epic day came to a close, we got on the ferry heading back to the city. I would normally have saved a fancy bottle for a special occasion, but we weren't ready for the day to end. We popped it open and savored it as we took in the beautiful bay views. "A Bottle of Zin on the Ferry to San Fran" is about living in the moment. Sometimes there's no time like the present.

A Bottle of Zin on the Ferry to San Fran